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We are a community based group that encourages without cost, the study, practice, and enjoyment of music emphasizing the ukulele, singing, and percussion instruments.

Article II: Objectives and Activities

 Section 1. The objectives of this club shall be:
    a. to learn basic music theory.
    b. to apply theory to practice on the Ukulele and other instruments.
    c. to develop musical skill in performance using the Ukulele and percussion tools.
    d. to perform solo and in ensembles.
    e. to encourage the development and enjoyment of a life-long leisure activity.   

Section 2. The activities of this club shall be:
    a. to participate in weekly club music sessions.
    b. to become knowledgeable of ukulele history, culture, techniques, care.
    c. to read ukulele tabs and musical notation.
    d. to participate in community activities through musical service.



About the Highland Pickers


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