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                                                                                       Vaela's Residential Kitchen Band

                                                                                            A Highland Pickers Program

                                                                          Est. 2016 in honor of our violinist emeritus, Vaela


Vaela's Residential Kitchen Band provides Senior Citizens and residents in various communities with the opportunity to keep active outside of their residences.


(The Lifestyles360 Curriculum encourages residential living facilities and community organizations to motivate their participants to remain active in their local communities (Five Star).)


Participants in this program will create Kitchen Band instruments that are shared with students in local schools. The adults will use available resources and their skills to create musical programs for students that involve student/adult interaction while singing, playing instruments, even dancing. They will create their own instruments, songs, and events wherein musical fun is the main goal. The adult participants might choose to share songs from their childhoods.


The Highland Pickers will act as agents to motivate the creation of “clubs” at the Seniors/residents facilities . These “clubs” will discuss, organize, create, collect, plan, supervise, and participate at events shared with classrooms that they have chosen.


Definition of Kitchen Band Instruments: clean tin cans, plastic containers of various sizes and shapes, wooden and metal spoons, pots and lids, washboards, tubes and funnels, popcorn kernels, nuts and bolts, sandpaper, string or yarn, washtubs and broom handles, old guitar strings, even kazoos. Most kitchen band instruments are for percussion such as drumming or shaking. Tonettes, song flutes, and recorders could provide some melody. Ceramic jugs and glass bottles make pleasant tones but they are breakable and probably should not be used with students in school, even though they might be used at home.



       1. Provide Seniors/residents a program that encourages the development and maintenance of social, physical,  spiritual,               intellectual abilities of its participants.

       2. Provide for community interaction for participants.

       3. Use talents of the participants and their resources.

       4. Provide musical experiences for local Kindergarten students.


Objectives: are they needed?


Evaluation (maybe use a 10 point scale, 1 no---10 yes):     

        1. Create checklists for Seniors/Residents

        2. Senior:

a. Have you been able to share in the process?

b. Have you enjoyed making the instruments?

c. Have you enjoyed making music with the students?

d. Have you used your skills in this program?

e. Describe worst moment:

f. Describe best moment:

g. What part of the program would you change?

h. What part of the program do you like the best?


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