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Highland Pickers


      Our mission statement includes the idea of encouraging the public to make music. To that end, the Sing-A-Long program has been created, targeting RV'ers.

    The RV'er purchases a Sing-A-Long decal to display on his RV, probably on the front window or entry door. This invites another camper to ask if they'd like to meet for a session of music, playing, singing, participating, even just observing. The decal owner may or may not accept the invitation. That's it: a chance to meet someone else interested in enjoying a musical experience. No guarantees for quality or quantity, just a opportunity to have some musical fun. These sessions are not sponsored by the campsites and they cost nothing.

   You might end up singing Tin Pan Alley favorites, folk or Americana songs, pop or rock and roll hits.

   You might be a highly talented guitarist, flutist, washboard or spoon player. You might even have a gut bucket. Maybe you'll beat on some pots and pans. Who knows?

   The Highland Pickers would appreciate an email that describes the event, but it's not required.

We'd like a brief description of what happened, maybe number of participants and a list of songs sung.

   How do you get involved. Purchase a decal for $2.00 or add an official Highland Pickers kazoo with neck strap for $6.00. Then invite another RV'er to participate. Simple. Entertaining. Free. Fun.


What:  Highland Pickers Sing-A-Long, free musical events

Where:  In RV campsites but not promoted by the campground

Cost:  Free for event. The Camper buys a decal for display

When:  Anytime

Why:  To pay forward our love of enjoying musical participation for fun

Who:  Anyone in the campground

How: While walking around the park, the camper sees the decal displayed by another camper and invites the other camper to make some music. Yes or No.


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